The north of England was the scene for the textiles revolution of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Huge mills sprang up on what had been farmland, and around them grew row upon row of terraced houses along cobbled streets, built to house the workforces of these new businesses. Cotton was imported from American plantations and worked in the mills, which became the centres of the working folks’ lives. But in time the industry crumbled due to competition from cheaper overseas products, and one by one the mills fell silent. In industrial centres like Carlisle, no one would have imagined that building renovations on these relics of the Victorian age would one day be feasible.
Families flocked from the countryside to the towns, tempted by the promise of continuous employment and a modern way of life. But inner city living conditions in those early days were very poor. People were herded into houses like animals, and open drains ran from building to building. Massive new homebuilding schemes we instigated, which resulted in the large industrial towns having large estates of houses which were all of a similar age. In the lull period after the decline of the cotton industry, many of these homes fell into disrepair, but building renovations were required in Carlisle in the aftermath of the second world war when suitable housing was once again scarce.
These days, the houses built in the post war boom are the ones being subjected to building renovations, and Carlisle property developers are among those improving the housing stock of the region to meet the continuing demand for homes in the twenty first century.
Simpsons Builders of Blackwell are a company at the forefront of the work to rejuvenate housing in some of the north’s former industrial boom towns. The Carlisle builders undertake building renovations on any residential or other property to the highest standard. With access to all required trade skills and equipment, and with over thirty years’ experience in the local building trade, Simpsons are the one call solution for anyone who requires a contractor for a building job, large or small. Trades covered include roofing, plumbing, electrical, plastering, tiling, decorating and joinery, and Simpsons guarantee to finish every single job on time and on budget.
Some of the most exciting building renovations work going on in Carlisle involves the conversion of former industrial premises into modern residential apartments. This type of development has found great success in many old northern mill towns, as people embrace a new kind of city centre home and a new way of living. Many old cotton mills have found a new lease of life in this way, and cities like Carlisle have seen regeneration based on a new influx of residents. Simpsons Builders are one of the companies working to ensure that this time the experience lives up to expectations. When building renovations are required in Carlisle, call on Simpsons Builders of Blackwell for first class service and workmanship, see our website for more details.