Ridge Close Scotby
Ridge Close Scotby

Our fantastic New Development is in Scotby  2no 3 Bed Detached Bungalows with garages and 5 Bed Detached Houses with internal Garage - available for reservation 

Plot 1       SOLD 

Plot 2      3 Bed Bungalow  - Get in touch to register your interest

Plot 3      5 Bed House  - Get in touch to register your interest

Plot 4     5 Bed House  -  Get in touch to register tour interest


Contact David Britton Estates for more Sales information or contact Ian Simpson direct for property details 07860 730 273 or ian@simpsonsbuilders.co.uk

Plot 3 is an architect designed 5 bed house with the ground floor an option for seperate living, It also has the option of fitting a lift to assist access to the main floor wich has a definate Bungalow feel

Plans for Plot 3 Indicating the 2 floor arrangement